Our Collection

Artifacts in our collection range from large ranching equipment to a tiny hummingbird nest. We are fortunate that most of the items have been donated to us by local families.

Some items come to us in other ways, such as a collection of photos recently purchased on eBay. We could use your help identifying the folks in those pictures, so if you have a chance, take a look . . .

One of our recent acquisitions was a set of photographs from the archives of the Denver Post. They accompanied an article published in August 1981 entitled Friendly Centennial Gets Full Share of Fisherman. Thanks to the efforts of a local volunteers, we also have the article from the Denver Post archives, now stored at the Denver Public Library.

The photos show downtown Centennial, complete with the old tower; Pat Self standing in front of the Old Corral; Mr & Mrs Dave Vanberg; and the 1981 version of Centennial’s famous “police force” parked on the north side of the highway.

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